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New Ideas






This is a list of my past trainings (links and websites may not be up-to-date)



Animoto allows you to create “music videos” with pictures and music.   You simply upload your images, choose or upload a song, and add text.   Animoto is very easy and I’ve seen educators use it to show movies of trips/fieldtrips/classroom activities and to introduce a subject or topic.  To setup your Animoto account go to http://animoto.com/education and click the Apply Now button. 

Are you Hip to Ning?

Ning is a platform used for social networking.  There are a multitude of online communities discussing just about every topic under the sun.  Participants will be given time to explore different Nings and join a community that suites their interests!  

Are you LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great professional site that lets you store your resume and connect with others!  Many international educators are on LinkedIn and it is a great way to stay in touch and maintain an easy and free professional web presence.  Come learn about LinkedIn and (time permitting) setup your own account. 

Audio in Education

Come learn all about Audacity and how to use it for teaching and learning.  I will also discuss some other audio resources and ideas for classroom use. 

Blogging 101

Come learn how to setup your own personal blog.  A blog can be used in many ways personally (1) It is a great way for friends and family to follow your adventures! and (2) It can also be used as your own personal web presence (website) where you store your resume and write up your work experiences.  Participants will be shown a variety of examples and can get started with their own blog!

Create Cartoons and Comics - Animate Yourself


Digital Storytelling

Always wanted to know more about Digital Storytelling? We will show you great free programs, resources, and provide lesson ideas for using Digital Storytelling in your classroom!

Do you have a PLN? 

Come learn all about Personal Learning Networks and how they can help you stay current with any interest.  We will discuss Google Reader, Delicious, and Ning.


Join us and learn all about Flickr, an online site where you can upload your photos and share them with your family and friends. Specific topics covered will be signing up for your own Flickr account, Pro Accounts, Organization, Do More, and Picnik.

Games in Education

Come learn how to create your own game in minutes.  Participants will also be given time to explore game sites where they can search for already created games.  

Games in Education Part 2

Continue your exploration of Games in Education!  Make a Jeopardy Game, explore Quia to find games to use in your classroom, or look at creating your own game using one of the many available game templates.


Need a wonderful email account? One that will hardly ever SPAM you?  One that will allow you to easily recieve all your other accounts into that 1 mailbox?  One that has a ton of storage space? Gmail is the email for you - come and learn all about it and get your own gmail up and running!

Google Custom Search Engine

Join us and learn all about Google Custom Search Engine a FREE tool from Google. You can create a list of sites you want your students to go to and then they can search JUST those sites. Also, no advertisements are shown on these searches. 

Google Documents

Ever gotten somewhere and wished you had a document you left at home?  Ever wish you and a friend could edit a document at the same time while chatting about it? Google Documents allows you to create, edit, and share online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  Come and learn all about this fabulous tool!

Google Reader

Want to keep up with what is latest and greatest in your field? Are there current events you’d like to have pulled from a variety of sources to share with your students? Come and learn how Google Reader an RSS Aggregator can help you to organize your professional (and personal) reading! 


Interactive Websites


Please join me for a tour of some GREAT interactive websites for you to use in your classroom! Sites shown will span all grade levels and subject areas.  Participants will have time to explore websites and find some great sites to use in their teaching.


Buy music, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks, or download free podcasts from the iTunes Store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Organize and play everything on your Mac or PC. Then sync it to your iPod and bring it along. Anywhere.  We will cover importing CD's, burning CD's, organizing and searching your music, shopping the iTunes store, and subscribing to podcasts.

PhotoStory 3 

So have you taken some great images? Are you ready to turn those images into a beautiful movie with sound! Come and join us as we learn how to use PhotoStory 3 a free download for Windows XP machines! 


Picasa is a great free program from Google that allows you to do simple image editing, create slideshows, backup your images, and share your images.  Come and learn how to use Picasa and get your images looking fabulous!  Images will be provided to edit but feel free to bring your own also! 

Plethora of Projector Ideas

So you have a projector in your classroom... not sure what to do with it?  Looking for ideas that fit in with your curriculum?  Engage your students?  Come to this exciting showcase of ways your colleagues are using projectors! 

Presentations 101

Presentations are changing.  We know more now about how to give good presentations and engage our audiences. Presentations should no longer just be about "presenting" - to truly engage your audience you must become a "storyteller".  The way you design your presentation can help you make this transition. Come and learn how to use PowerPoint in ways you may never have even thought of.   

Primary Sources

Come learn about Primary Sources, how to use them, and where to find them.

Professional Development Online 

***NEW - Want to continue learning with free online resources?  How do you find them?  Where are some good places to start?  

Professional Web Presence

Do you have a professional website of your own?  Come learn how to store your resume online and setup your own (FREE) website.  We will focus on http://www.emurse.com/ and http://www.weebly.com/.

Say Aloha to a Wiki!

A wiki is a great way to setup a web presence / website for yourself professionally.  It is a great spot for storing your thoughts, collaborating with others, and sharing resources.  Come learn the ways educators are using wikis!

SMARTBoard for MS and HS ESL Teachers

Training for MS and HS ESL Teachers on how to use the SMARTBoard.

Social Bookmarking (Delicious)

Use free online sites like del.icio.us to store your bookmarks online! This allows you to access the same bookmarks from any computer and add bookmarks from anywhere, too. You can also use del.icio.us to see the interesting links that your friends and other people bookmark, and share links with them in return. You can even browse and search del.icio.us to discover the cool and useful bookmarks that everyone else has saved -- which is made easy with tags.

Teaching and Learning in the Conceptual Age

Presentation on how teaching and learning is changing.  Usually presented to teachers at the beginning of the year. Last updated 2008.

Technology in the Student-Centered Classroom

How can technology help you involve your students as contributors in the classroom?  Come and learn tips and ideas to help your students take a leading role in creating content and learning experiences.   We will discuss 5 jobs that are a framework for shifting control to the students for their own learning.  (This presentation is adapted from Alan November's Student as Contributor: Digital Learning Farm presentation.) http://novemberlearning.com/



You CAN Take it With You! - Portable Free Software

Flash Drives (aka thumb drives, USB Drives, etc.) are a great way to transport your documents back and forth, but did you know that you can also run applications from your flash drive? Come learn about portable applications you can use at home and at school! Participants are encouraged to bring their flash drive to the training. 

Video and Still Images Ideas



VoiceThread allows you to easily create digital conversations around images, documents, and video.  VoiceThread is widely used in K12 education and is now being used by colleges and CNN.  Come learn all about VoiceThread and how you can use it in your classroom.  Ideas for classroom implementation will span all levels. 

Voicethread Worksession

Join us to continue exploring Voicethread and creating your own Voicethread classroom project. We will also provide support for learning: Avatar Creation, Using Audacity to record, and Finding images.

When the Best is Free

The best is now FREE.... come and learn about the multitude of free resources on the Internet.  We will show you ones you can download, use online, and a vast supply of image and sound resources.  Resources will span PreK-12 and be applicable for all subject areas. 

When the Best is Free: Audio 

Find out about all the great audio resources out there for you to use in your classroom!  We will be discussing podcasts, primary sources, and many other great audio resources. 

When the Best is Free: Images

Always wondered where to find great copy"right" photos, images, and clip art?  Interested in primary source images and how to use them in your classroom?  Come join us to learn all about the free image resources out there for you to use in your classroom! 

When the Best is Free: Videos

Want to learn how to find great videos to use to introduce topics, demonstrate concepts, or use as a hook for your lessons?  How about how to download them?  Come join us to learn all about the free videos out there for you to use in your classroom! 

Working with and Sharing your Digital Images 

Want to make your images prettier, how about share them with your friends and family? Come learn how Picasa and Flickr can help you do this! 


Trainings 2010-2011


Trainings 2009-2010 


Trainings 2008-2009



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