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HS World History Collaboration project

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Example Question:

How has an event in history impacted your life?  Give examples from your own life.  How would your life be different if this event had not happened? (This could be directly related to the curriculum by having the students choose an event that they are studying. I’m sure there are better questions but that is the one I came up with quickly.)



If we used some kind of discussion enabling technology (ning, wiki, blog, etc) students could then comment back to each other.   In this way we could create an asynchronous conversation.  The timeline I’m thinking of might look something like:

Week 1: Students sign up on the technology (ning, wiki, blog, etc) and write a brief bio.

Week 2 – 4: Students prepare their answers to the question.

Week 5: Students post their answer and read other student’s responses.

Week 6-7: Students comment back to a certain number of students from the other school and their own school?

Week 8: Students respond to the comments they received and write a reflection of the project – what they learned etc?


The things we’d need to figure out are:

• Start Date

• Rubric for the project

• Technology we will use (ning, wiki, blog, etc) 

• Question that will facilitate a conversation, use higher order thinking skills, and relate to the curriculums.

• Decide how many comments they need to make to how many other students.

• Decide how the reflection will happen at the end of project.


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