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Professional Web Presence

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Resumes and Coverletters



Classroom and Professional Websites


Weebly Examples http://education.weebly.com/

The Montgomerys - http://jmontgomery17.weebly.com/index.html

Gigi Hindin - http://gigihindin.weebly.com/

Sample Class Page by Jackie Gerstein - blogging, embedding, linking etc. http://jackiegerstein.weebly.com/sample-class-page.html

Andy's Classroom - 5th grade classroom http://www.andysclassroom.com/

Mrs. A's Reading Room - good example of blogging and pages http://www.mrsalex.com/

Memorable Math - http://cnapolitano.weebly.com/index.html


Blogger Examples (sign in with your gmail account) http://www.blogger.com/home

Mrs Yollis' Classroom Blog - 3rd grade teacher and students http://yollisclassblog.blogspot.com/

Cool Cat Teacher - High School Teacher http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/

English with Rosa - ESL teacher http://rosenglish.blogspot.com/


Creating your resume, etc online





Slideshare Example





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