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Presentations 102

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Presentation given to 8th graders as they prepare for their 8th Grade Project Presentations.


Presentations 102

Slides - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zvLQ2ORSPGhfNS9DvkrqdeifiFdTus6ARlRNzhfpYKc/edit?usp=sharing 





One or two keywords on black

Stars to remind you to say or do something


Picture is worth a thousand words

Even better if you are in it


Ask questions, think time, and answer

Give people time to read screen, read with them slow

Do not embed videos

Face your audience

Have fun, make it funny

Tell a good story

Activity! Even if it is just thinking

San serif font - stay away from cursive

Show examples

No video longer than 1 min 30 sec even better

1 thought per slide

Don't practice too much

Dress nice, but comfy

Have water

Move around

Be dynamic

Welcome and introduce your self

Answer the why, how, who, etc

Talk slow

Play a video, game, or music if needed to calm yourself down as people are coming in (set the tone and stop chatter) 

Make things easy to read, serif if small, San serif if big


Other Resources

5 Things Every Presenter Should Know http://vimeo.com/44267609

Presentation Tips (Pinterest) http://pinterest.com/alanatmadcol/presentation-tips/




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